C I Grand Slammers

2021 Volunteer Registration Coaches Team Mgrs etc


Welcome to the 2021 Volunteer Registration (Coaches, Team Mgrs, Safety Mgrs, etc)!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and sign up for participation.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.


Volunteers Needed

The CI Grand Slammers would not exist without all of the great volunteers we have had over the years!  We are always in the need of volunteers to help out our teams and program.  The board is working to set up training sessions with coaches to provide information, practice plans, practice drills and to help answer questions that coaches have.   We are working to create a program to provide tools to our volunteers to help them succeed!   Listed below are a few of the types of volunteers that we are looking for:


  • Each team needs a head coach.  This person will be responsible for the overall running of the team.  Creating practice plans, game plans and working with players at every practice and game.  They must have a positive attitude and it is very helpful that they have sports experience and are willing to learn more.    This is a time commitment.  If a person is selected as the head coach and they fulfill their duties for the entire season and they have a player on the team, they will be reimbursed their players registration fee.
  • Head coaches must pass a background check
  • Head coaches must have a ACE certification (this can be received before the season starts)
  • Head coaches should have concussion training (this is renewed every 3 years)


  • Each team is allowed 2 assistant coachs that can be present in the dugout.  Teams can have more volunteers assist at practices, but only 2 are allowed in th dugout at games.
  • Assistant coaches are there to assist in running practices under the head coaches direction.  They need to have a positive attitude.  Experience with coaching and sports is beneficial.  
  • Assistant coaches that are selected and help out for the season will receive $50
  • Assistant coaches must pass a background check
  • Assistant coaches can earn their ACE certification
  • Assistant coachs can receive the concussion training


  • Team managers can assist the coaches with communication to the parents via email, phone..etc.
  • Team managers can handle the scorebook at games -if that is chosen.
  • Team managers will assist in the Maddy Nelson Tournament - making sure that they have volunteers from their team signed up to participate.
  • Team Managers must pass a background check

  • Safety Managers have become a very important part of our program since COVID hit.   Safety managers help keep practice running smoothly by helping with the sanitization of equipment in between drills.  
  • Make sure that players are abiding by all COVID guidelines
  • Issue hand sanitizer at practices/games
  • Safety Managers must pass a background check



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Cari Tohm


Phone: (952) 380-8447